Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bennie K - The Bennie K Show 2

Bennie K - The Bennie K Show ~on the floor Hen~
Album release: 2006.08.02
Language: Japanese
Genre: Urban, Pop

  1. DISCO Senpai (DISCO先輩; Disco Elder) (BENNIE K with Alpha (アルファ))
  2. Endless Summer (BENNIE K with Blaise Plant (MONKEY MAJIK))
  3. Rensou Game (連想ゲーム; Association Game) (BENNIE K with TSUYOSHI)
  4. Doggy Love (BENNIE K with GIPPER (NORA))
  5. pink noise babies (BENNIE K with a.mia (Little Hippies))
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Anonymous said...

Hey there. It looks like you've moved on to greater things, but I thought I'd drop a note just in case. I'm listening to Rie fu right now, started with her first single, Rie Who?!!, which was great. So I looked around for other music, which led me here. Thanks for the blog. Take care.

Panda-RAWR said...

would you like to be affies or link exchange?